Love Island Stars Will Not Be Informed Of Boris Johnson's Resignation

Questions were raised on social media about whether the cast would be informed of the huge news happening back at home.
Some of this year's Love Islanders
Some of this year's Love Islanders

Love Island bosses will not inform this year’s contestants about Boris Johnson’s resignation as prime minister.

After days of drama, on Thursday morning it emerged that Johnson would exit No. 10 having told by senior Cabinet ministers that he no longer had their support.

Questions were soon raised on social media, whether the cast of the ITV2 reality show – who are currently in Mallorca – would be informed of the huge news happening back at home.

However, HuffPost UK understands that they will not be told and they will remain as having no contact with outside world.

Boris Johnson is set to resign as prime minister
Boris Johnson is set to resign as prime minister
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While producers do not usually inform contestants of outside developments, new Islanders often pass information onto the Islanders after arriving in the villa.

Last year, the group were also able to cheer on England during the squad’s Euro 2020 final match against Italy.

Producers made the decision to allow the contestants watch the game, despite them having been kept in the dark about the rest of the tournament.

Series four’s Adam Collard also revealed that they managed to find out how England were getting on in the 2018 World Cup.

“The only information you get is when there is a new bombshell or a new islander coming into the house and then you start quizzing them,” he told Heart.

“We’re not supposed to ask, but when Sam Bird came into the house we pestered the life out of him and then he told us the England score for the first game, and then the girls in Casa Amor told us the second score.”

Meanwhile, Thursday night’s episode of Love Island looks set to be almost as explosive as the events in Downing Street, as the Casa Amor recoupling is set to take place.

The Islanders will each decide whether they want to stick with their original partner, or recouple with one of the new contestants who joined the show earlier in the week.

Love Island continues on Thursday at 9pm on ITV2.


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