19/06/2018 11:05 BST

Love Island's Camilla Thurlow Defends Show, Saying It's 'About Real Human Connection'

'It's fun, flirty and at times seemingly frivolous – but that’s the beauty of it.'

‘Love Island’ alumna Camilla Thurlow has come out in swinging in defence of the show, claiming the show is more than just a “frivolous” reality series, but an insight into “real human connection”.

Camilla was one of last year’s stand-out contestants, largely due to her profession before joining the show, as she swapped bomb disposal work for the ‘Love Island’ villa.

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Camilla Thurlow

With the current series now airing on ITV2, and remaining as polarising as ever, Camilla has defended the show from its critics, writing in Grazia: “Yes, ‘Love Island’ is fun, flirty and at times seemingly frivolous – but that’s the beauty of it.

“I know there will always be debate around what some have described as ‘scantily-clad twenty-somethings’ trying to find love in a luxurious, sun-drenched villa but the truth of the matter is this.

“In a world where we so rarely get to see past the picture-perfect Instagram image, suddenly you are getting a real insight into the people behind them. And I truly believe it is these characters we fall in love with, or - on occasions - love to hate.”

Camilla with Jamie Jewitt on 'Love Island'

Offering an intellectualised take on what is essentially an eight-week game of musical chairs, with a few extra condoms and bottles of suncream thrown in, Camilla continued: “The show in itself is almost a paradox. The initial coupling and attractiveness of the cast suggests a focus purely on the aesthetic, but the truth is no relationship based solely on mutual attraction is going to last in an environment that intense.

“At its heart, ‘Love Island’ is so much more than beautiful young people flirting with each other – it’s about real human connection.”

Camilla was partnered with Jonny Mitchell for much of her time in last year’s ‘Love Island’, until eventually coupling up with Jamie Jewitt, with whom she remains in a relationship.

She recently became involved in a war of words with Piers Morgan, after he branded those who take part in the show “thick” and “half-wits”.

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