18/12/2018 12:12 GMT

'Love Island: The Christmas Reunion': 20 Best Moments From The Festive Special

Sparks flew as the gang got back together for Christmas.


We’ve all been suffering from ‘Love Island’ withdrawal for the last five long months, but bosses gifted us the perfect early Christmas present on Monday night in the form of a festive reunion.

The special episode brought together some of the most memorable contestants from this year’s series, and for those glorious 90 minutes, it was like we had been transported back to the summer. 

There were Brexit blunders, blazing rows and screams of “I’m loyal, babes”, as the gang spent a long weekend in a country retreat.

Here’s our favourite moments...

1. Even meeting Nigel Farage hadn’t brought Hayley up to date on Brexit affairs

2. Sam’s eyebrows had a reunion of their very own

3. Samira brought her A-game facial expressions

4. As well as channelling her inner Ariana when chatting about her ex Frankie

5. Everyone was shook that Adam and Zara were still together given how much drama he caused on the show

6. The lengths Ellie went to in order to look good in front of her ex Charlie did not go unnoticed

7. We got to see the Do Bits Society’s AGM

8. And there was celebration as Dr Alex was finally made an official DBS member

9. Paul’s velvet trousers were, a choice

10. Georgia turned up and was, of course, an absolute nightmare

11. And as Sam and Georgia went head-to-head, everyone gathered at the door to listen like they were on an episode of ‘Friends’


12. Jack’s reactions were particularly priceless

13. Despite all the accusations levelled against her, Georgia was still using her favourite catchphrase

14. Ellie and Charlie’s row was equally explosive, and it seems many people were not buying his version of events

15. Then this happened, and everyone was just like ‘WTF?’

16. Cue a welcome return for Jack’s impeccable Eyal impression

17. As former couple Laura and Paul had a chat, she attempted to convince everyone she was totally cool with the situation, but not everyone was convinced

18. Jack and Dani were suitably hilarious as they cooked a Christmas dinner for the gang, 

19. And while we know she probably hasn’t seen him for a few months, we weren’t expecting Hayley to forget who Dr Alex was, especially when she was just sat metres away from him

20. Caroline Flack then arrived to throw some serious shade at Charlie, buying him a snake in a can as a Christmas present

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