Lush Launches 40 Refillable, Vegan Lipsticks

Find your perfect nude, red and pink from the line-up.

There are a multitude of ways to make your lifestyle more sustainable, with reusable coffee cups, wrapping paper, and even toothbrushes. Your makeup bag, however, is less simple.

Lush has come up with a handy and environmentally-friendly solution with a range of refillable, vegan lipsticks.

Where many lipsticks and lip balms use beeswax oil or lanolin (derived from sheep’s wool grease - eurgh) as a base, this range uses broccoli seed oil. The formulas are rich in fatty acids, making chapped and dry lips no more.

They’re available in a whopping 40 shades – from nudes and reds to greige (that’s grey + beige btw) and they come in a variety of shades and undertones to compliment a range of skin tones.

We love Dorchester, a satin red with orange undertones for a bold statement lip, and Kish, a mahogany and crimson blend nude that would look particularly fabulous on darker skin tones.

You can nab a packaged lipstick for £13.50, while naked refills, which come in a peel-able wax seal, cost £8.50. You could even upcycle old lipstick containers to reduce plastic consumption even further.


You’ll be able to find your new lippie online and in store in Oxford Street and Birmingham.

Lush said in a statement that it’ll be releasing even more shades in due course, so keep your eyes peeled.

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