Man Bought Kitten With 'No Mummy' To Comfort Wife Who Suffered A Miscarriage

The ending to this story is wonderful 🙌.

A man whose wife recently suffered a miscarriage bought her a kitten with “no mummy” to comfort her.

Imgur user MrAeronautic shared the touching story along with a photo collage showing his wife’s reaction to her new pet.

“My wife recently had a miscarriage and after two months of trying to make her feel better with no success, I found a kitten with no mummy,” he wrote on Monday 31 October.

He bought Callie the kitten from a local cat shelter and was told her mum had been killed.

“Her face and her eyes just brought a calmness over me and I thought she might make my wife feel the same,” the man wrote.

He explained his wife was “super pumped” when he brought the kitten home.

“We have had her for five days now and I haven’t seen my wife this happy in a long time,” he wrote.

“She and Callie bonded immediately. Callie is constantly snuggled up to her mumma and sleeps tucked up to her stomach at night.”

And the story gets even better.

The man explained that one morning when he was cleaning Callie’s litter box, his wife tapped him on the shoulder and surprised him with...

“My wife had this pregnancy test and the biggest smile on her face,” the man wrote.

“Little Callie is going to be a sister! I don’t know what it is about this cat but I can just tell that with her, everything is going to be ok.

“Things are looking up!”

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