01/11/2019 08:38 GMT | Updated 05/12/2019 15:12 GMT

Mariah Carey Officially Announces The Beginning Of The Festive Season In Suitably Ridiculous Fashion

She uploaded the Twitter video on the 25th anniversary of her festive hit All I Want For Christmas Is You.

With Halloween done and dusted for another year, it’s officially time to turn our attention to the festive season.

Admittedly, 1 November might seem a bit premature to be talking like that, but we’re just taking orders from the queen of Christmas herself, Mariah Carey.

On Friday morning – which just happens to be the 25th anniversary of her festive classic All I Want For Christmas Is You’s release – Mariah uploaded a suitably ridiculous video on social media, heralding the arrival of the festive season.

Twitter/Mariah Carey
The difference in Mariah Carey between 31 October and 1 November is quite something

In the clip, Mariah is seen going to sleep – in full make-up, of course – at 11.59pm on 31 October, only to be woken up a minute later to a phone call from Santa himself, sporting new hair and some festive pyjamas with her own face on them.

“Santa!” Mariah then excitedly declares down the phone. “It’s tiiiiiiime!”

Frankly, Christmas or not, Mariah’s Twitter account has been a thing of pure joy in the last couple of months, whether she’s putting her own spin on the Bottle Top challenge (remember that?) or throwing shade at US president Donald Trump.

This year, Mariah has something particularly special planned for the festive season, and has teamed up with Walkers crisps for a new advertising campaign that will feature her classic All I Want For Christmas Is You.

Although the track has never actually topped the UK singles chart, it’s been number two on three different occasions, including 2017 and 2018, so here’s hoping that this year will be the one that finally pushes it to that coveted Christmas top spot.

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