House Democrats Dunk On Marjorie Taylor Greene After Her Hilariously Ironic Request

Democratic representative Jimmy Gomez compared Greene's call for decorum to "Leonardo DiCaprio telling people to date people their own age."

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Republican, Georgia) found out firsthand what her Democratic co-workers think of her on Wednesday ― and it apparently isn’t much.

The Georgia representative was speaking during a House session when she made a simple request of her congressional colleagues.

“Members are reminded to abide by decorum of the House,” she said, only to spark raucous laughter.

The giggle fest was so extreme that Greene was forced to bang her gavel repeatedly, to little effect.

Yeah, we know: Pictures or it didn’t happen.

Wow Democrats just laughed at Marjorie Taylor Greene when she asked them to abide by decorum of the House

— Acyn (@Acyn) May 24, 2023

Decorum isn’t exactly a word that’s been associated with Greene during her time in Congress, which a few Democrats noted on Twitter.

Representative Jimmy Gomez (Democrat, California) compared Greene’s call for decorum to “Leonardo DiCaprio telling people to date people their own age,” while Representative Adam Schiff (Democrat, California) tweeted that he hadn’t “laughed this hard in a while.”

.@RepMTG calling for decorum is like Leonardo DiCaprio telling people to date people their own age.

— Rep. Jimmy Gomez (@RepJimmyGomez) May 24, 2023

I haven’t laughed this hard in a while — but Marjorie Taylor Greene just called for “decorum” on the House Floor.

— Adam Schiff (@RepAdamSchiff) May 24, 2023

The video also amused non-politicians, many of whom provided examples of why the conspiracy-theory-embracing Greene falls short in decorum, from her heckling of President Joe Biden at the State of the Union to liking social media posts that called for the assassination of Democrats.

This is rich. Coming from someone who amplified calls for the assassination of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi.

— David Corn (@DavidCornDC) May 24, 2023

Remember, this is the lady who heckles State of the Union addresses.

— Davram (@davramdavram) May 24, 2023

I understand the decorum of the House. Must remain. But considering the seditionist nature of this horrific woman, I think this is appropriate. Marjorie Taylor Greene has no business being in the United States House of Representatives. She’s a traitor. Should be in prison.

— Jason Overstreet (@JasonOverstreet) May 24, 2023

The laughter was almost instantaneous. Then it devolved into jeers and some boos. While no one on the Republican side of the aisle seemed very anxious or particularly interested in defending her as the Democrats mocked the Congresswoman.

— Hey, Dave! (@davegreenidge57) May 24, 2023

When a 🤡 ask folks to abide by decorum of the House… get laughed into next week. #Amirite @RepMTG

— 3ChicsPolitico (@3ChicsPolitico) May 24, 2023

No one represents better the hypocrisy and shallowness of today's GOP than Marjorie Taylor Greene. What a 🤡!

— Republicans against Trump (@RpsAgainstTrump) May 24, 2023

A bully hates it when you laugh at them.

— Scott Nevins (@ScottNevins) May 24, 2023

Do you think Marjorie understands why people don’t like her, or do you think she suffers from a complete delusion where she assumes any disagreement is a validation of her existence to be present within that congressional body? The sheer humor of calling for decorum by her lol.

— Tyus D. Williams (@sciencewithtyus) May 24, 2023

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