Mark Hamill Reads Donald Trump Tweet As The Joker, Terrifies Everybody

Weirdly, it works very well.

On the final day of 2016 Donald Trump wished the world a Happy New Year in the way only he can, managing to get a dig in at his “enemies” in the process.

While Barack Obama looked to a future where “all of us deserve every chance to live out our dreams” in his final year end address, his successor struck a more blunt tone on Twitter:

The president-elect was roundly trounced for the message with some people even suggesting some more presidential-sounding edits.

Another individual raised the point that the tweet had a rather sinister evil villain tone to it.

The tweet was picked up by Star Wars actor, Mark Hamill, who voiced The Joker in the New Batman Adventures cartoon series, inspiring him to record this...

Truly terrifying although it has gone down a storm.

Trump has had a few run-ins recently with movie stars, most notably picking a fight with Arnold Schwarzenegger on Friday over TV ratings.

For background, Schwarzenegger replaced Trump behind the desk on The Apprentice.

Commendably, Arnie showed great restraint in his reply.