Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Live Q&A Gets Trolled

He must've known this would happen.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg held a Q&A session live on his page on Tuesday, answering a range of user-submitted questions over the course of an hour.

He received lots of serious questions, and tried his best to answer them.

But, because it's the internet, he also got lots of not-so-serious questions.

Like this one, referring to the time someone hacked his LinkedIn account with a very easy password:

And this one, looking for some updated user interface:

And this bloke who was just a bit too friendly:

This one gave a little bit too much information:

And a few more were spotted on Twitter:

But the only funny question Mark answered? Some wanted to know if he's a shapeshifting lizard person.

But that's exactly what a shapeshifting lizard person would say.

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