Martin Lewis Claims King Asked Him For A Brief On Cost Of Living Crisis

“I heard it went around to the now King, his son and other members of the royal household," the financial journalist explained.
Martin Lewis on Good Morning Britain explaining his conversation with the now-King
Martin Lewis on Good Morning Britain explaining his conversation with the now-King
ITV Good Morning Britain

Martin Lewis has revealed on Good Morning Britain that he had actually provided King Charles III with an explainer on the soaring consumer energy prices a few months ago.

The UK has been hit particularly hard by rising energy costs, which have been only worsened by the war in Ukraine – leading to the current cost of living crisis.

Speaking on Wednesday, Lewis explained how Charles discussed this pressing matter while the journalist was receiving his CBE – the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, an order of chivalry – in Buckingham Palace.

As he co-hosted the ITV morning show, Lewis (known as the founder of the Money Saving Expert website) explained that the now-monarch must have had someone brief him on Lewis shortly before their discussion.

According to Lewis, the King said: “I hear you were doing wonderful work for people during the pandemic.”

Lewis supposedly replied: “I feel we have moved on from that now, Sir, we are now in a cost of living crisis.

“I am incredibly worried about the difficulties this winter.”

According to the journalist, the now-King then asked: “If you wouldn’t mind, would you provide me with a briefing note on exactly what’s happening?”

He said he wrote a note, and that he later heard “it went around to the now King, his son and other members of the royal household”.

“So, they are trying to keep informed of what is going on with the population.” Lewis added.

His co-host Susanna Reid then asked: “To be clear, this is not a briefing note he wanted for his royal household?”

“No, no!”

She continued: “This was a briefing note so he understood what was happening.

“Good for you for providing it and just goes to show our King is going to need to keep informed, isn’t he?”

The co-hosts were heavily praised on social media for addressing the ongoing crisis, at a time when most of the country is in national mourning – meaning No.10 is refusing to comment on any pressing issues until after the Queen’s funeral.

Lewis has developed a reputation throughout the last few months for calling for immediate action over the cost of living crisis, criticising Downing Street for being a “zombie government”.

As he has repeatedly pointed out, soaring energy prices means there is only so much consumers can do to reduce their bills now – it’s down to the government can act.

New prime minister Liz Truss confirmed last week that she is introducing an energy price cap for £2,500 to prevent it rising to £3,549 come October. This means, after months of indecision from the government, Truss will essentially save the average household £1,000 a year until 2024.

Lewis has also previously claimed that then-chancellor Rishi Sunak actually asked him for tips on how to help the general public before he unveiled his cost of living package back in May.

The financial expert has alleged that he was turned down for a place in the House of Lords too, as he revealed in June. He believes it is because he said he would not have time to prioritise being a peer among his other jobs.


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