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"That’s a whole different package coming through the door," the ITV presenter joked.
Money and Mental Health Policy Institute is calling for an end to "near thuggish" debt collection letters.
Study reveals 2.3m people need time off and many face homelessness or bankruptcy.
The MoneySavingExpert founder wants to 'give Facebook a bloody nose'.
Many people with a mental health condition struggle with their finances. For some, it means sliding into debt. People with mental illness are three times more likely to be in debt. This may add to the pressures and anxieties which are triggers for the mental illness. It can become a vicious spiral of money worries, illness and growing debt.
Martin Lewis has revealed his thoughts on the likely effect of President-Elect Donald Trump on UK consumers. The Money Saving
We're asking the Government to recategorise this form as an NHS form, so that no GPs can charge for it - removing a barrier that prevents many getting the help they need. When I posted on social media, most of the support was great. Yet as usual, some people like to see mental health as a weakness, or made up.
Parents of students starting university in England in 2016, are facing a hidden 27% rise in university costs. We've been working on this for a few weeks, and as part of our campaign for a more transparent system of student finance, I have today sent an open letter to Jo Johnson, Minister for Universities, asking for him to urgently consider a change in the system. Here's the text...