energy crisis

Just hours after ministers said there were “no plans at the moment” to deploy troops.
Prime minister frustrated with negative headlines about closed petrol forecourts and empty supermarket shelves.
Because nothing says chill out like three exclamation marks.
Some petrol stations have temporarily closed due to a fuel shortage – but that is not the full picture.
BP and Tesco say forecourts impacted as government insists there is “no shortage" of fuel.
Around 1.5 million customers have seen their supplier go out of business this month.
Sky News' economics and data editor Ed Conway unpicked the energy crisis expected this winter.
Electricity in the UK has become the most expensive in Europe while gas is at its highest price for 13 years.
Innovation has propelled the human race forward since the dawn of time - from the wheel, to the horse and cart, steam and internal combustion. Yet as our natural resources wane, what's next? It's time to innovate.
Lockheed Martin has shocked the world by revealing its very own 'mini' fusion reactor which it claims will provide infinite
Chinese scientists have announced that mining the Moon could solve the energy crisis by providing nearly 10,000 years of
The world is not short of far-fetched ideas for transformative zero-emissions power stations. But while airborne drone-supported
Alvin Toffler published Future Shock in 1970, at a time of great social and economic upheaval. Toffler sought to help people
This winter, we will face a gas and electricity bill crisis. Each of the 'Big Six' energy companies has put its prices up over the past few months. Come December and January, we will all start to pay.