energy crisis

Many still remember the chancellor used taxpayers’ cash to heat his horse stables.
Ministers disappeared the morning when Ofgem confirmed its huge energy price cap hike.
These comparisons perfectly demonstrate how enormous the new price cap hike is.
Regulator Ofgem just announced that from October 1, the energy price cap will be £3,549 – an 80% increase.
The money saving expert said people will die without "further government intervention".
Labour’s Stephen Morgan warned: “We know that energy bills in schools are at least doubling, in some cases tripling."
The energy price cap will rise by 80% from this October, soaring to £3,549, Ofgem has announced.
"We’ve got to reinforce our resilience at home and reinforce our defences abroad," John Healey said
Vladimir Putin says he is considering cutting off gas, oil and coal exports to Europe.