energy crisis

The UK is actually providing less support to its citizens when it comes to energy supplies than its European neighbours.
Nadhim Zahawi said the government has looked at "every scenario".
There are fears her misleading phrase could have a real impact on people's energy usage this winter.
Moscow hasn't owned up to anything, but European leaders are eyeing it with suspicion after Tuesday's drama.
“I heard it went around to the now King, his son and other members of the royal household," the financial journalist explained.
"It was a poor choice of word perhaps but that’s live broadcasting," the presenter tweeted on Friday morning.
Truss's authority seemed to nosedive after a Commons vote about shale gas drilling.
Many daytime viewers previously criticised the "dystopian" prize.
When the richest 10% hold close to half of all UK wealth, what hope is there for the rest of us?
Favourite to win Tory leadership race is allegedly considering dramatic measures to tackle the economic and energy crisis.