23/11/2016 14:50 GMT

Massachusetts College Student Becomes Internet Legend After Trying To Use Slice Of Pizza As ID At Bar

'I'm 100% sure that's my future wife.'

Watch out world - the internet has a new hero. 

On Thursday night, a college student tried to use a slice of pizza as ID to get into a bar in Massachusetts and immediately stole everybody’s hearts.  

Dean Belcher via Getty Images
The girl tried to use a slice of pizza as ID when getting into a bar

Seriously, people are obsessed...

However, according to the Daily Hampshire Gazette, the 22-year-old woman was arrested after she slapped the bouncer for refusing to let her into the club. (Never a good idea). 

But despite having to call the police, the club have managed to see the funny side of the situation, posting on their Facebook page about the incident.

The bar clarified on Facebook that pizza is not a valid form of ID 

Rasif Rafiq, co-owner of the Monkey Bar, told Buzzfeed that the bouncer was fine after the incident.  

“They have to have really thick skin, so this was a comparatively entertaining incident,” he said. 

“We wish her the best with continuing her education. We’ve all had nights in college we regret.” 

Pesto Tortellini and Pesto Tomato #FreshOuttaTheOven

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If you’re interested, the slice of pizza is thought to be from Antonio’s Pizza in Amherst. 

To be fair, it does look good.