Matt Damon Shares His Surprise Contribution To Ben Affleck's Dunkin' Ad

"I actually said that to him when we were filming, and he just left it in..."
Matt Damon in Ben Affleck's Dunkin' ad
Matt Damon in Ben Affleck's Dunkin' ad
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Matt Damon is opening up about his small but memorable contribution to Ben Affleck’s Dunkin’ campaign.

The Oppenheimer star made a surprise appearance alongside Ben in the campaign’s final instalment, which aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday.

In it, the Good Will Hunting duo join NFL legend Tom Brady at a recording studio, where they plan to make their musical debut as a pop group dubbed The DunKings.

Among those seemingly underwhelmed by their efforts, however, is Jennifer Lopez, Ben’s wife and a pop icon. The clip, which also features appearances by rappers Jack Harlow and Fat Joe, ends with Ben and Matt looking despondent as they exit the studio.

“Remember when I told you I would do anything for you? This is ‘anything,’” Matt quips to his friend and co-star.

Appearing on The Late Show earlier this week, Matt explained that the doughnut franchise’s commercial “was not my idea” and noted that the concluding line was, in fact, ad-libbed.

“I actually said that to him when we were filming,” Matt told host Stephen Colbert. “And he just left it in.”

Later in the interview, Colbert pointed out that Dunkin’ sold the orange and pink tracksuits that the “DunKings” wore in the commercial, prompting him to bring two of the outfits out for him and Matt to wear during their chat.

“By the way, the only qualification for being a DunKing is the willingness to put this on,” Matt quipped. “So you’re in the band. You made it.”

Though Ben and Matt might have to reconsider the future of their music careers, the campaign itself has won near-unanimous praise from viewers and media outlets. On Monday, Dunkin’ unveiled an extended, four-minute version of the ad.

“The sight of Brady, Affleck, and Damon going full Dunkin’-Boston-nutso-Dunkachino during the Super Bowl? Sorry to RFK Jr., but it made for the best commercial of the night,” Esquire’s Bria McNeal wrote.

Ben Affleck (left), Tom Brady and Matt Damon as three of the DunKings.
Ben Affleck (left), Tom Brady and Matt Damon as three of the DunKings.

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