Matthew P Doyle Arrested After Confronting Muslim Woman In Croydon

On suspicion of inciting racial hatred

The man who confronted a random Muslim woman in Croydon demanding an explanation for the Brussels terror attacks is believed to have been arrested.

Matthew Doyle, 46, swiftly became infamous on Wednesday afternoon after tweeting about the encounter.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed a man, believed to be Doyle, had been arrested at his home on suspicion of inciting racial hatred on social media.

His tweet quickly went viral with many people mocking his ill-advised quest for answers.

Initially Doyle - who works for a PR company - attempted to explain the tweet as a publicity stunt.

He later changed his mind again and admitted the incident did happen and even appeared contrite...

This didn't last long however and offensive tweets again appeared on Twitter and the Facebook page of his company.

When asked by The Huffington Post UK why he had approached the woman, Doyle explained that her Islamic headscarf justified approaching her.

He said: “She was wearing a flag. If I was walking down the street wearing a jacket emblazoned with a Union Jack then I would be open to some abuse.

"When asked if he approaches Jewish men wearing skullcaps to question them on the ongoing Israel/Palestine situation he exclaimed: “Absolutely not!”

His last tweets on Wednesday night appeared to be an attempt to pass the incident off as a stunt once more.

Doyle’s Facebook page lists his occupation as “Partner at Grant Doyle Associates“.