12/01/2020 18:10 GMT | Updated 13/01/2020 09:05 GMT

Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Could Give A 'No-Holds-Barred' Interview After Leaving Royal Family, Says Close Friend

Journalist and confidante Tom Bradby says failing to keep the couple on-side could be “very damaging" if they go public.

A journalist and close confidante of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry says the royal couple could give a ‘tell-all’ interview that risks further damaging the monarchy’s reputation.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex opened up to Tom Bradby about their struggles with royal life in an ITV documentary filmed during their Africa tour last year.

Writing for The Sunday Times, Bradby suggested that the royal family failing to keep the couple on-side risks a “no-holds-barred” interview that could be “very damaging”.

It comes as the Queen will host crisis talks with senior royals and the Duke of Sussex on Monday after Meghan and Harry’s bombshell announcement last week that they intended to quit royal family duties, become “financially independent” and divide their time between the UK and North America.

Brady wrote: “I have some idea of what might be aired in a full, no-holds-barred, sit-down interview and I don’t think it would be pretty.

“I suspect the royal family would carry British public opinion still — perhaps only just — but its international standing is a key part of its value to the British state. If that were to be tarnished, it could be very damaging indeed.”

Bradby did not say what concerns they might make public, but the newspaper reported ‘courtiers’ fear Meghan would brand the royal household racist and sexist.

The journalist, who presents ITV’s News at Ten, is considered a good friend to both Prince Harry and Meghan, as well as brother Prince William, and was a guest at the Sussexes wedding.

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Tom Bradby and wife Claudia arrive at the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

The journalist added there is “no doubt” Meghan and Harry feel they have been “driven out” and said the “atmosphere soured hard and early” after “damaging things were said and done” at the time of their wedding in 2018.

In Bradby’s ITV documentary, Harry & Meghan: An African Journey, which aired in October, Meghan revealed she was “existing not living” and Harry spoke out about his struggles with mental health.

On Monday, the Queen will will be joined at her private Norfolk estate of Sandringham by princes Charles, William and Harry for a crunch meeting where the “next steps” will be decided, a source has said.

It will be the first time the four will have met since the issue engulfed the royal family.

A royal source said: “The family will gather on Monday at Sandringham to talk things through, attended by Her Majesty, the Prince of Wales, the Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex.

“Following a series of meetings and consultations across the last few days, there are a range of possibilities for the family to review which take into account the thinking the Sussexes outlined earlier in the week.

“As we have said previously, making a change to the working life and role in the monarchy for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex requires complex and thoughtful discussions.

“Next steps will be agreed at the meeting, the request for this to be resolved at pace is still her Majesty’s wish – the aim remains days not weeks.

“There is genuine agreement and understanding that any decision will take time to be implemented.” 

Meghan flew to Canada a few days ago where she spent an extended festive break with Harry and baby son Archie in the province of British Columbia.

She is with her child, but the source said it is likely the duchess will be able to participate in the meeting by phone.

The Sunday Times also reported William had told a friend that he and Harry are now “separate entities”.

The newspaper reported William as saying: “I’ve put my arm around my brother all our lives and I can’t do that any more; we’re separate entities.

“I’m sad about that. All we can do, and all I can do, is try and support them and hope that the time comes when we’re all singing from the same page. I want everyone to play on the team.”