25/04/2017 12:27 BST | Updated 25/04/2017 12:36 BST

Met Office Forecast Sees UK Weather Turn Chilly With The Risk Of Thundersnow

Thanks, arctic airmass.

As you will have no doubt noticed, the temperature has dropped and the UK has become a decidedly chillier place, all thanks to an arctic airmass spreading southwards.

While the weather in the majority of the country will remain fine and dry, a band of showers and some snow flurries are active in the north east. According to the Met Office, there is a chance that some parts, especially in Scotland, could experience thundersnow.

A rare weather phenomenon, thundersnow is caused in the same way thunder and lightning are triggered during the warmer months, when a pocket of warm air at ground level rises and collides with the colder air above it.

Even if temperatures are freezing or in the minus figures, the air above it is significantly cooler. In the summer months, this process creates heavy rain showers and lightning storms. In the cooler winter months, the country is pelted with snow instead.

Showers are expected to push south and through the night. Highs of 12C in London are expected, with Aviemore in Scotland due a brisk 5C.

Wednesday will see more rain, with showers mostly confined to the east coast. This band of precipitation is expected to weaken as it passes across the country, with similar temperatures as the day previously.