26/04/2017 12:44 BST

Met Office Forecasts Thundersnow Will Make Way For A Brighter Weekend Of Bank Holiday Weather

Tentative BBQ notice.

The weather has taken a chilly turn of late, but the good news is, things will be warming up as we approach the treasured fourth Bank Holiday of the year.

On Wednesday there is still the possibility of wintry showers over higher ground on the north and eastern sides of the country, along with the chance of hail and thunder and yes, thundersnow. It will be cloudy in the north west with patchy showers falling as hill snow.

The rest of country will continue to experience sunny spells, though showers will be become more frequent and heavier in the south east, with the possibility of some hail and thunder.

The day will remain on the colder side, though not as breezy as Tuesday. London and the south east could see temperatures of between 11-13C, while those in central England and the north are likely to stay in single figures.

As we reach the end of the week the arctic air mass which has been spreading in a southerly direction will make way for a tropical continental or tropical maritime air mass heading north, with temperatures picking up. By Friday London and the south east could have climbed to the heady heights of 14-15C.

The prize however, will be Saturday, where the mercury could nudge 16C, giving you a good shot at that Bank Holiday BBQ.

But take advantage of it – because by Sunday through to Monday the weather will become much more uncertain, with cloudier and windier conditions and showery outbreaks returning once more.