27/04/2017 12:02 BST | Updated 27/04/2017 12:09 BST

Met Office Forecasts UK Weather Will Perk Up From Friday

Get ready.

It’s been a brrrrisk week as far as the weather is concerned (-5.6C overnight in Sennybridge, Wales and just above freezing in London!) but starting tomorrow you should be safe to shed a layer or two.

Friday will generally be a dry day, with some sunny spells and light showers in coastal areas. In patches of prolonged sunshine we could see the mercury nudge 15C in London, with Birmingham highs expected to be around 12C and 9C for Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

While no one is promising a heatwave, Saturday will be the day to break out the barbecue big guns if you’ve got one planned for the bank holiday weekend.

The Met Office is predicting sunny spells casting a 14-15C warmth in the south east and up to 12C in Edinburgh, but some cloud will be thickening in the west as a new weather front forms. A few showers are expected in Scotland and along the coast.

This front will bring heavy showers to the south west and Wales on Sunday, heading in a north easterly direction up the country – though weakening as it goes. While the south east could see temperatures climb to a heady 18-19C, it’s likely to be short lived as this new front is set to bring the rain as it crosses the country.

Another front will form in the south west on Monday, and in between the two, calmer weather with patches of sunshine will be in evidence. There will be some rainfall but not as heavy as Sunday.

As next week progresses (and everyone has gone back to work, obviously) there will be a return to more settled and ordinary temperatures for this time of year