Michael Gove Ripped To Shreds For Congratulatory Tweet To Ed Balls On Strictly Survival

Oh dear.
<strong>Poor Michael Gove</strong>
Poor Michael Gove
Christopher Furlong via Getty Images

Michael Gove hasn’t had much luck with Twitter.

Minutes after sending his first post to announce his bid for the Tory leadership in July, Gove was branded a “jizztrumpet”. Some weeks later he fired off an EU tweet that saw him castigated as a “boil-in-the-bag rent-a-clown”.

But the ex-justice secretary was clearly feeling brave, as he waded onto the site again to tweet a terrible joke.

It simultaneously praised his former adversary Ed Balls’ Strictly Come Dancing performance and had a dig at Labour.

Safe to say, many weren’t won over.

First came the abuse.

Then the joke at his expense.

Then the complaint.

Then the speculation.

Just a reminder: This is what Gove was congratulating the former Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer for:

But Balls called peace on the matter by offering a friendly reply.

Gove was ousted from government after running against Theresa May for the leadership. He was replaced as Justice Secretary by Liz Truss.