14/07/2017 12:24 BST

‘The Million Pound Drop’ Is Rebranded ‘The 100K Drop’ As It Moves To A Daytime Spot On Channel 4

That's quite a drop.

The Million Pound Drop’ is set to return to our screens - albeit with one major difference.

In a bid to take on ITV’s hit daytime game shows ‘The Chase’ and ‘Tipping Point’, Channel 4 is moving the show to a daily afternoon slot and has rebranded it ‘The 100K Drop’.

Channel 4
Davina McCall

Davina McCall will be back at the helm as a pair of contestants start with £100K in cash, which they place over trap doors that (hopefully) contain the correct answers to seven general knowledge questions.

If they give a wrong answer they will see thousands of pounds of cash drop through the floor before their very eyes.  

Talking about her return to the show, Davina said: “I literally love hosting this show and couldn’t be more thrilled that we are back and coming to daytime. 

″£100,000 is a properly life-changing amount of cash and I’m crossing my fingers for some big money wins. I can’t wait to see you all every weekday afternoon. “

The show will initially run for 12 weeks on Channel 4 next year.

Earlier this week, Davina revealed that, like most of us, she’s glued to this year’s ‘Love Island’

She also admitted that she’s not surprised it’s thrashing ‘Big Brother’ (which she used to host) in the ratings.

Davina told The Mirror: “’Love Island’ is what Big Brother used to be. It’s got such an amazing buzz about it. I love it.

“I watch it with my 15-year-old, but I wouldn’t let my 10-year-old watch it, put it that way.”

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