Mo Gilligan Got Lewis Capaldi's Name Wrong At The Brits And People Are Making The Same Joke

Lewis took to the stage to perform his hit song Forget Me – and it seems Mo did exactly that.
Brit Awards host Mo Gilligan on stage
Brit Awards host Mo Gilligan on stage
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Mo Gilligan became an instant meme after an unfortunate slip up while presenting the Brit Awards on Saturday night.

The comedian got Lewis Capaldi’s name wrong as he introduced a live performance from the Scottish singer at London’s O2 Arena.

Mo accidentally referred to Lewis as “Sam Capaldi”, as Lewis prepared to sing his somewhat ironically-titled hit Forget Me.

Following Harry Styles’ win for Best Pop/RnB Act, Mo said: “Let’s have another performance now from a singer songwriter who is the spirit of the Brit Awards distilled in human form.

“Here with his amazing number one single Forget Me it’s the brilliant, go crazy, it’s Sam Capaldi...”

Lewis Capaldi performs on stage during Brit Awards 2023
Lewis Capaldi performs on stage during Brit Awards 2023
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As soon as the performance was done, Mo made light of his blunder, joking: “I do apologise, I did call him Sam. It just goes to show how strong the drinks are here at the Brit Awards, they do not play around!”

On social media, a lot of people were making the same joke, as the error put them in mind of another infamous award show name mix up...

For those wondering what the reference is, it is a nod to John Travolta’s infamous blunder at the 2014 Oscars.

He appeared on stage to introduce a performance from Broadway star Idina Menzel, but said: “Please welcome, the wickedly talented, one and only, Adele Dazeem.”

Here’s the moment again in all it’s glory...

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