17 Money-Saving Hacks To Make The Clothes You Already Own Last Longer

Say goodbye to faulty zips, hard-to-remove stains, and snagged jumpers (with no need for landfill).
Reviving old, worn, stained clothes and shoes is so much simpler that you'd think
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Reviving old, worn, stained clothes and shoes is so much simpler that you'd think

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After I complimented a friend on her gorgeous “new” coat recently, she told me she’d actually purchased it from a pre-loved store and that she always either buys second-hand or finds ways to revive and re-purpose her old clothes.

When a few of my other friends piped up that they do the same, it became clear that more and more of us are trying to spend less on our wardrobes – and make what we have go further.

Admittedly, most of us are feeling the pinch right now which, coupled with a creeping feeling that we need to be more earth-conscious, is why a lot of us seem to be hanging on to clothes and shoes for longer.

Of course, it’s all well and good attempting to make your go-to skinnies last an extra year or your favourite trainers stay sparkling white for longer but no matter how well you look after them, after a while they do tend to look a little worse for wear (think: faded jeans, grubby kicks, and bobbly jumpers).

The good news is that reviving your clothes and shoes is a hell of a lot easier and cheaper than you might think. Here are my top picks that turn reviving your old clothes and shoes into an absolute cinch.

This fabric de-bobbler
Got a selection of jumpers that have become rather bobbly? This handheld fabric shaver and lint remover will instantly smooth out pulls and bumps, leaving your clothes looking a hell of a lot newer.
This universal zip repair kit
There's nothing worse than a broken (or dodgy zip), especially when it's on one of your go-to pieces of clothing. This repair kit will instantly fix any faulty zip, leaving the item in question wearable again.
This super simple snag repairer tool
For repairing snagged clothes, this quick and easy tool is a life-saver. You simply use the hooked tool to pull the snag back through the material, leaving the item looking as good as new.
This non-toxic miracle cleaning paste that I'm obsessed with
For breathing new life into old trainers, The Pink Stuff is a godsend. A few months ago I used it to revive my old Converse and the difference was astounding. And it's currently 39% off.
This clothes dye that's perfect for breathing new life into black jeans
Noticed that your black jeans have turned a rather dull shade of grey? Sigh. Pop them in the wash with this black clothes dye and instantly revive them.
This seam sealant that'll stop frayed hems unravelling
Noticed that some of your clothes have split hems that have begun to fray? This liquid fabric glue will instantly solve the problem. It's easy to use, dries quickly, and is designed to last.
This enzyme based spot cleaner
Got clothes with pesky stubborn stains that won't come out? This enzymatic cleaner should do the trick. (FYI, it also works wonderfully on carpets, bedding and towels, too.)
This super handy, ultra compact sewing kit
Whether a button has popped off your shirt or you've torn your jeans, this sewing kit, with everything needed for repairs, from pins and needles to thread and scissors, is the one.
These iron-on repair patches
Ripped your favourite jeans? These iron-on patches are super easy to use and apply. They're sturdy, durable and long-lasting, and can be easily cut to fit any shape.
This top-rated laundry whitener
Noticed that your whites have started to look a little more grey than white? (The struggle is real, am I right?!) Well, this top-rated laundry whitener, that removes stains, restores lost whiteness, and maintains that glow, is a game-changer.
This one-step tie dye kit
Got an old, slightly stained top that you don't know what to do with? Instead of chucking it out, how about tie dying a new design onto it instead? This kit features a range of colours, is super simple to use, and works on trainers as well as clothes.
This super speedy trainer cleaner
Featuring an easy cleaning rotating brush, this handheld trainer cleaner works like a dream, buffing dirt and stains off your favourite kicks.
This towel reviver that removes softener buildup and leaves towels like new again
OK, so not technically a clothing buy, but this seriously impressive towel reviver was worth a mention. Pop a cap full in the wash with your towels and they'll come out soft, fluffy and seriously absorbent.
This washing machine fabric dye pod that's perfect for jeans
Noticed your blue jeans have started to fade? Instead of chucking them out, how about reviving them with this all-in-one fabric dye that's super easy to use.
This super compact handheld steamer
Great for using to steam the creases out of clothes, this handheld steamer also works a treat for reviving old trainers. As per the famed TikTok hack, you can use a steamer to help remove deep creases from older shoes, and it works an absolute treat.
These quick and easy shoe cleaning wipes
It can seem like the moment you wear shoes out they end up caked in mud, which can lead to staining and damage over time. Use these handy wipes to ensure your shoes stay looking their best
This insightful read all about the best ways to repair and repurpose clothes
Not sure where to start with reviving your old clothes? This step-by-step guide could be a smart starting point.