Moon Balloon Causes Chaos On The Streets Of Fuzhou, China

Maybe someone will end up genuinely having to 'shoot for the moon'...

Of all the things you’d imagine might cause you problems getting to work, you probably wouldn’t think the moon would be one of them.

But a giant balloon designed to look like the moon has been wreaking havoc on the streets of a Chinese city.

The balloon, part of Fuzhou city’s Mid-Autumn festival celebrations, broke loose and took itself for a roll around town.

The balloon was seen rolling over cars in footage captured by China’s Xinhua news.

According to Mashable, no injuries have been caused by the giant moon, although it does not seem to have been recaptured just yet.

But some seemed concerned that things could escalate beyond traffic delays...

Cities across China set up the balloons because the approaching Super Typhoon Meranti caused poor visibility so people could not see the moon to celebrate the annual Mid-Autumn festival, according to Shanghaiist.

What the moon balloon is supposed to look like
What the moon balloon is supposed to look like
VCG via Getty Images

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