Moving Out? 17 Deep-Clean Products That’ll Get Your Full Deposit Back

Can't afford a professional cleaner? We've got your back with super effective buys for a spotless home.
These are the products you need to leave your old property spotless
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These are the products you need to leave your old property spotless

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Moving out of a rental home is stressful and super chaotic. It feels like there’s a never ending list of things to do. And right at the top of that list is the Move Out Clean – aka the task that’ll determines whether or not you’ll get your full deposit back. Sigh.

There’s no getting away from the fact that deep cleaning your home is a big task. But, while it might be time-consuming and sweaty work, it’s essential in this instance. For the sake of future tenants – and your bank balance.

Keen to deal with the cleaning yourself, but not really sure what you need or where to start? We’ve compiled a list of some super handy cleaning products that will make deep cleaning your home from top to bottom that bit easier.

This game-changing cleaning sponge
It's easy to see why this sponge is so popular with cleaning fanatics. It's tough on stains but doesn't cause scratches to surfaces, doesn't hold germs or bad odours and can be used to target all kinds of stains, from caked on mold to water-marked hobs.
These cleaning gloves
If you're going to be doing a lot of cleaning and using products that could damage or irritate your skin, you might want to protect your hands with a pair of these classic non-slip cleaning gloves.
Some bicarbonate of soda
Keen to refresh your carpets without using chemicals? Simply sprinkle them with bicarbonate of soda, buff the powder into the carpet, leave to sit, and then vacuum up.
This speedy mop
For quick and easy cleaning, this Flash mop is a great buy. It's super easy to use – all you need to do is attach the cleaning pads to the mop and you're away. No need for any water or mess.
This powerful toilet cleaner
Whether you're battling a limescale build up or a loo that features some unsavoury stains, these foaming toilet tabs will refresh and revive any loo.
This rhubarb and cassis disinfectant spray
For eliminating nasty odours, this antibacterial spray that cuts through grease and grime, kills 99.9% of bacteria, and doesn't leave a sticky residue is a really great buy.
These multipack that kills 99.9% of bacteria
From cleaning the toilet to washing the floors, these antibacterial, all-purpose, ultra concentrated disinfectants work wonders.
These biodegradable disinfectant wipes
For quick and easy surface and appliance cleaning, these antibacterial wipes from Dettol will come in handy. (FYI, these are also great for wiping down door handles, switches, and other high-traffic areas.)
This grout cleaning spray
Whether it's floor or bathroom tile grout that's discoloured or stained, this grout cleaning spray is perfect for restoring grout to its original colour. Spritz the spray on, leave it to loosen and lift dirt and grime, and use a grout brush to gently buff the remaining dirt away.
This powerful mold remover gel
Whether it's mould around your sink, at the side of the bath or in your washing machine seal, this natural mould (and mildew) remover will take care of the problem for you.
This carpet cleaning foam
For patch cleaning on areas with stains, this powerful carpet cleaning spray works wonders. Simply spray it onto stained patches, buff it in using a soft brush, and vacuum up a few minutes later.
This smart carpet cleaner
This Vax carpet cleaner, which kills 99% of bacteria hiding in carpet and featuring motion sensor technology, is worth the cash longterm. Share the cost with family or friends and keep all your carpets fresh and clean.
This telescopic duster
From dusting lampshades to the corner of each room this telescopic duster set, complete with a pole that extends up to 100 inches, works like a dream. (FYI, a super handy hack to quickly remove dust from each duster is to use your vacuum hose.)
This non-toxic glass cleaning spray
For cleaning mirrors, windows and glass doors, this streak-free peppermint and eucalyptus multipurpose glass cleaner works wonders.
This electric window cleaning kit
Don't want to pay a window cleaner to get your glass looking glossy again? This electric window cleaning tool is super effective and easy to use. The rechargeable, cordless design features high-performance suction that prevents dirty water from dripping and causing marks and stains, making window cleaning a far easier task.
This multi-functional steam cleaner
Whether you're cleaning hard floors, refreshing carpet or removing the grime from grout, this multifunctional steam cleaner works a treat. This steam mop is easily converted into a handheld steam cleaner for cleaning surfaces, tiles, taps, ovens, and a hell of a lot more. And FYI, steam cleaning is totally chemical-free, so it's safe for kids and pets.
This ultra diverse magical cleaning paste
When it comes to deep cleaning, this stuff is a total godsend. Whether you're washing your glass hob, scrubbing your shower tiles, or you're adding a little extra shine to your sink, this all-natural cleaning paste is a game-changer.