Mum Involves Daughters In Her Beach Workout In The Most Incredible Way

Who needs the gym?

After a day running around after a toddler, most parents can just about find a minute to take a shower, let alone make time for the gym.

But one mum has proven it's possible to combine your fitness routine and quality time with your children, by sharing an incredible video of her beach workout.

The video, shared on Imgur, shows the mum squatting whilst balancing not one, but two, children on her shoulders.

With complete ease.

The two toddlers seem completely unfazed by having their mum lift them on her shoulders, so we guess it must be a regular occurrence at home.

Commenters on the Imgur thread have speculated that the two girls together would make a combined weight of about 40kg – pretty impressive especially when the weight is prone to fidgeting and complaining.

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