Mum Praised For Breastfeeding Baby After Falling Down Flight Of Stairs

'Look at this tough mama.' 👊🏼

A mum who took a tumble down a flight of stairs is being praised for her determination to breastfeed her baby while in a neck brace.

Thamalia Greenbury-Hall, from Australia, didn’t break any bones when she fell but was “battered and bruised” and spent time in hospital.

She was thankful when the nurses and doctors assisted her breastfeed her son.

A photo, showing Greenbury-Hall laying on a hospital bed with her son feeding, was shared on an Australian Instagram page that promotes breastfeeding.

“Look at this tough mama,” they wrote. “So happy to see her and her baby’s right to breastfeed being supported by #paramedics #doctors and #nurses at the #hospital.”

Sharing her story, Greenbury-Hall wrote: “I was so nervous on the ride to the hospital knowing that my son wouldn’t have a bar of a bottle and he was well and truly due for a feed.

“Thankfully I had some great nurses and doctors that helped me through it and didn’t even say a word about us co-sleeping.”

“Here’s a picture of us, feeding with a neck brace on! Feeling very blessed.”

Although feeling bruised, the mother said she opted not to take painkillers when she arrived at hospital so she could feed her son.

“I’d rather me be in pain and him be fed, especially at that time as he should have been in bed asleep,” she told Daily Mail Australia.

The photo prompted another mother to share her breastfeeding story.

“I just had my appendix out last week and my 14-month-old son was able to board with me for the two nights in hospital so I was able to feed,” one mother wrote.

“Glad I’m not the only crazy (according to my husband in a nice way) one out there.”

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