Mum Regretted Telling Her Son He Could Go To Toys 'R' Us After The Movie


Parents may have come up with a variety of tactics to diffuse their kids’ constant nagging to head to a toy shop on a day out.

But one mum’s experience is evidence that telling them they can go later isn’t always the best response.

Especially when “later” is when the toy shop is closed so the child ends up standing on the outside peering in at all the toys on show, heartbroken.

As Redditors have said, let’s hope the boy gets to go back to the toy shop very soon.

“This happened to me as a young kid, and I can still picture the store as we pulled up, realising it was too late,” one wrote.

“But true to her word, my mum took me back first thing the next morning.”

Another wrote: “Please send a picture of his face when he gets to go when the store is open again.”

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