06/01/2017 16:26 GMT | Updated 06/01/2017 16:55 GMT

Mum Disgusted After Finding Out Citrus-Smelling 'Soap' Found By Kids Was Something Else Entirely

'There are no words to describe how I felt when I realised what it was.'

A mum was horrified when the glorious smelling soap she thought she’d found in one of her kids’ bowls turned out to be something entirely different.

Ashford Evans, 36, from South Carolina, US, had returned from work after a long flight and two-hour drive to her home, when everyone was in bed.

When she entered the bathroom, she smelt something “sweet and citrus-y”.

“One of the children’s cereal bowls was sitting on the shelf with what seemed to be an old bar of soap sitting in it,” she wrote on her blog, Biscuits and Crazy.

“It looked just like a bar of soap looks years after its prime. But it smelled delicious.” 

But it definitely wasn’t a soap.

“There are no words to describe how I felt when I realised what it was,” Evans told The Huffington Post UK

“All I could think about was how many surfaces and items in my house had been touched and defiled by this thing. I was sick to my stomach.”

Ashford Evans

Writing on her blog about what happened after she found the soap, Evans continued: “I didn’t remember buying grapefruit scented soap but it could’ve been from years ago. The smell of fresh grapefruit in a perfectly silent house is just short of heaven I believe.

“I never bothered to wash my hands after fondling it because it was, after all, just soap.”

The next morning, one of her children picked up the soap and told her how much they loved the smell of it.

Evans agreed and asked where they had got it from.

“Meeny [one of her children] found it in the boys’ bathroom at Tae Kwon Do and brought it home,” her child replied.

“And that’s when it hit me,” Evans wrote. “It wasn’t some upscale boutique soap I had been caressing for the last 12 hours. It was a urinal cake.

“An f-ing urinal cake. A urinal cake from the public gym I take my five-year-old for Tae Kwon Do three times a week.

“A urinal cake that has been peed on by at least 1,000 strange little boys that I just held against my cheek.” 

Evans immediately asked her kids to wash their hands, deciding to pretend the incident never happened and pouring herself a glass of wine. 

“Here’s to kids being the most disgusting creatures ever to crawl the face of the earth and to teaching us some humility in the process,” she added.

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