Mum Creates Drink-Driving Parody With 'Milk-Drunk' Toddler, To Remind Everyone To Be Safe At Christmas

'Bob the builder died at the scene.'

A mum has issued her own special drink-driving warning for the holiday season, after her son fell asleep at the wheel of his toy car.

Teleasha Cameron, from Australia, used the opportune moment to stage a ‘car crash’ scene starring her son Xavier.

The mother-of-one shared a collage of photographs on her Facebook page, with an accompanying ‘accident report’, which explained the scene of devastation that unfolded in her living room.

Parodying conventional drink-driving reports, Cameron wrote: “Reports state he [Xavier] was highly milk-drunk, at roughly four times the legal limit, which caused the vehicle to swerve.”

The accident also involved a rather unlucky Bob The Builder toy, who “died at the scene”.

“Investigations have concluded that he had attempted to avoid the sheep on the road but unfortunately was hit by the Little Tikes car,” Cameron’s post explained on Tuesday 13 December.

Meanwhile ten-month-old Xavier was blissfully unaware of what his mum had been up to, sleeping through the whole event.

But he will get to see her creativity, as Cameron is planning to show him the viral post on his 21 birthday.