19/01/2017 10:19 GMT

Mum Throws 'Period Party' For 12-Year-Old Daughter To Stop Her Feeling 'Anxious'

Filled with cake, pizza and tampons.

A mum decided to celebrate her 12-year-old daughter’s first period by throwing her a party, to make the occasion a “little more fun”.

Shelly Lee, from Florida, US, went all out with the “period party” by gifting her daughter, Brooke, with tampons, sanitary pans and a cake with red icing.

The mum had the idea to throw the celebration because her daughter seemed “anxious” about starting her period.

Brooke’s older cousin, Autumn Jenkins, shared snaps from the party on Twitter and wrote: “Brooke started her period today and my family is super extra.”

According to BuzzFeed News, the party consisted of tonnes of pizza and cake, as well as the sanitary items. Close friends and family were invited.

Lee said she  made chocolate cake because the serotonin in it would “help with Brooke’s first period”.

After Brooke’s cousin shared the photos of the period party on Twitter, she was shocked when more than 15,000 people liked the photos and it had more than 7,300 retweets. 

And many others are totally on board with the idea of a period party, saying it’s a great way to have an open conversation with tweens who otherwise might be embarrassed to do so. 

Anything that makes girls feel more comfortable about starting their period is a great idea, if you ask us. 

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