06/02/2017 10:25 GMT | Updated 06/02/2017 10:25 GMT

Mum-Of-Triplets Shares Photo Of Bare Belly To Celebrate Scars After Being Asked If She Was Pregnant

A woman congratulated her on her 'baby bump'.

A mum-of-triplets has shared a photo of her bare belly to celebrate the “beauty” of her scars. 

Desiree Fortin, from the US, was inspired to write a blog post after a stranger congratulated her on her “baby bump”, even though she’s not pregnant.

She explained she does have a “postpartum pooch” but has always felt proud of her body after having triplets, never ashamed.

“When I was congratulated on my pregnancy, I didn’t even know how to respond,” she wrote on her blog ‘Our journey to parenthood’

“But then… I was challenged to really think about my body. Was I really proud of the wounds left behind on my stomach after carrying and delivering my triplets?”

Fortin shared a photo on Instagram of her belly with her triplets surrounding her and wrote about how she truly felt about her body.

“What I see more than anything when I look at my wounds is a beautiful and loving mama trying to do all she can to provide the greatest love and care for her miracles,” she wrote.

“I see a strong woman who not only fought and conquered infertility, but spoke up and ultimately didn’t let postpartum anxiety and depression beat her.

“There is so much beauty in that when I look at my wounds.” 

Fortin explained on her blog that she was once told she would “never have a successful triplet pregnancy”, which is why she calls her children her “miracles”.

“My body did that,” she continued on her blog. 

“I see that when I see my wounds. They represent life and what it means to carry life and bring life into this world.”

She finished by explaining that she decided to do a “milk bath photo” to “love and embrace” her body. 

Read Fortin’s full blog post here

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