Summer Preston, 42, gave birth to Otis, Rocco and Prince on May 18 in the middle of the Covid-19 lockdown.
At 30 years old, I thought I might never have kids. By 32, I had three.
"I never, ever thought there would be three in there."
'I still have a weird looking hanging belly, and I am a bit surprised it has not gotten smaller.'
A mum has opened up about being among the “one in four” parents who have experienced baby loss in a touching tribute to her
Tamba's top tip when it comes to names is to beware of choosing names that rhyme, sound similar or are easily confused with each other. We have heard of close calls when it came to administering drugs to babies on the neonatal ward who had very similar sounding names.
Fortin shared a photo on Instagram of her belly with her triplets surrounding her and wrote about how she truly felt about