06/01/2017 10:12 GMT | Updated 06/01/2017 10:12 GMT

Mum Whose Sons Have Two Different Dads Explains Why She Has 'Not A Damn Thing To Be Ashamed Of'

'I loved two different men in two different ways at two different times.'

A mum whose sons have two different dads has written a heartfelt Facebook post Facebook about why she has “not a damn thing to be ashamed of”.

Whitney Renee Huntwork, from Oregon, US, said she often gets looks of horror and disgust when she tells people about her family situation.

But as she puts it: “My kids have different fathers because I loved two different men in two different ways at two different times.” 

Huntwork continued: “My kids have different dads because I was strong enough to walk away from a relationship that was not working.

“My kids has different dads because I chose to have them, to create them, to carry and birth them, and raise them into amazing human beings.”

The mum went on to say she’s thankful because without those two men, she would not have her two “amazing” children.

I get a lot of praise for being their mother but really I couldn’t be that without these two important men,” she added.

“So having two fathers of my two children radiates strength, perseverance, and hope. Not a damn thing to be ashamed of.”

Huntwork’s words resonated with other mums whose children also have different fathers.

“All three of my sons have different fathers and this just touched my heart so much,” one person wrote. “Thank you so much for posting this. It’s nice seeing that there is someone else out there who gets it.”

Another mum wrote: “My children come from a total of three different men, so I feel ya there. I’ve been frowned upon, spit at, called awful names, and everything.

“Life is hard enough as it is, and people who take the time to disrespect you and your family are choosing bitterness.”

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