My MIL Has Been Feeding My 5 Month Old Baby Behind My Back And I'm At My Wits' End

Would you be angry?
Adorable messy eater: baby's first mealtime experience with pureed food in high chair
David Espejo via Getty Images
Adorable messy eater: baby's first mealtime experience with pureed food in high chair

Baby weaning is a daunting but exciting experience for first time parents — it’s something we all look forward to because it’s just such a huge milestone.

Some might start on purees, others might go for baby rice or porridge, but it’s all about the pace you want to go at. After all, you know your baby best.

However — this one parent was left left fuming after she discovered her mother in law had been weaning her baby despite her not have even started the weaning process herself.

On the Mumsnet post she vented to other parents to understand whether she was overreacting.

She said: “So I’m going to keep this short. I would like your honest opinion on how you would react or cope with someone feeding your baby before you have started or wanted to start weaning your baby yourself?

“My baby’s first food was a rusk and she’s been being fed rusks for the last 5 weeks without me knowing. My baby has just turned 6 months old and I’ve been waiting until I thought she was ready or if not until she turned 6 months.”

Parent were quick to admit they would be furious, one commented: “I’d also be really angry. Not on at all. The current guidelines say no solids before 6 months because of the ways baby’s stomach digests.”

Another said it even if it wasn’t to do with guidelines, they would be angry for sentimental reasons as giving your baby their first foods is a bonding experience.

Referring to the post, one said they would be livid and would never let the mother in law watch their child again.

According to the NHS you should introduce your baby to solid foods at around 6 months as breast milk or formula are the only nutrients they need until then.

The government body also says to look out for signs to know whether your baby is ready, these include whether they can sit up, swallow food and coordinate their hands and eyes.

If you want more information on what you can give your baby when weaning, check out the NHS website.