Nadine Dorries' Reaction To Boris Johnson's Leadership Announcement Shows Just How Unexpected It Was

'Your face Nadine... oh dear.'

Footage has emerged which shows just how heart-stoppingly unexpected Boris Johnson's decision not to run for the leadership of the Conservative Party was - even to his staunchest supporters sitting in the front row.

On Thursday, rather than confirming his intention to join the race to be the next Prime Minister, Johnson, instead bowed out, shocking Westminster.

The BBC video, which shows Mid Bedfordshire MP Nadine Dorries taking in the announcement, shows even those within Johnson's party were surprised by his news.

Dorries, who had thrown her support behind Johnson, on the basis that "he is a winner", looks aghast at his announcement.

Her eyes later widen in shock as Johnson says: “Having consulted colleagues and in view of the circumstances in parliament, I have concluded that that person (the new Prime Minister) cannot be me.”

Johnson's announcement came after his Brexit ally, Michael Gove, unexpectedly revealed he was entering the leadership race instead of endorsing Johnson.

The former London's mayor's decision led to him being slated online for being a "spineless c***".

Video of Dorries reaction was a hit on social media where it was compared to a shocking "Big Brother" eviction video.