28/11/2018 10:50 GMT | Updated 28/11/2018 10:50 GMT

Nando's Christmas Menu Includes Chicken Gravy – And We Can't Wait To Try It

Mmm... gravy.


Christmas has come early. Nando’s is doing gravy. Yes, you read that right and no, this is not a drill. 

Answering the prayers of fans across the UK, Nando’s Christmas 2018 menu includes a PERi-PERI chicken gravy for a match made in heaven for gravy lovers (which should be everyone) and chicken connoisseurs.


Drown your mash, drizzle on burgers and slather on wings for the perfect winter warming meal this Christmas. 

Made from chicken, obviously, it’s got the classic Nando’s twist, jam packed with fiery, herby notes. Rich, thick and full of spice, you can buy a jug of it for just £1.25 – though if you like your meal swimming in gravy, you might as well buy two.

Taking centre stage of the Nando’s Christmas menu, we wouldn’t be surprised if thanks to it we’ll find ourselves with a national gravy shortage. Just imagine the chaos. 

Available from the 4th to 31st December in all UK restaurants, start planning your next Nando’s visit ASAP, as the fast food restaurant has no plans to make it a permanent addition to the menu.