NASA's Pumpkin Carving Makes Yours Look Like A Bag Of Crap

Is there anything they can't do?

Not only do NASA build rockets, send astronauts into space and basically live out our childhood dreams every single day, but now it seems they can carve a mean pumpkin too.

In case you were feeling confident about your Halloween efforts, just take a moment to appreciate these jack o’ lanterns.

Because they work in an office of dreams, NASA has an annual pumpkin carving contest, and it seems the competition is fierce.

Pictures of the winning entries were shared on Twitter, and left us all feeling a little hollow.

Lots of the teams seemed to be inspired by their work, but one group managed to get in a cultural nod to Stranger Things, proving that even astronauts love some Netflix n’ Chill.

Then there was this party platter pumpkin. Note to self, for our next birthday we want a pumpkin, forget a cake.

This one even comes with free chocolate. That is, if you can get near it without having your hand taken off.

Where can we apply for a job at NASA?