Nestlé Has Discovered A Way To Almost Halve The Sugar In Your Favourite Chocolate, Without Changing Taste

Isn't science great?

Nestlé has announced a new discovery that means they could cut the amount of sugar in their chocolate bars by up to 40%, without adversely affecting the taste.

The Swiss company, who product KitKat and Aero, claim that they are in the process of patenting the technique - which alters the structure of the sugar - allowing it to dissolve faster.

Stefan Catsicas, Nestlé’s chief technology officer, said: “Our scientists have discovered a completely new way to use a traditional, natural ingredient.”

Although consumers are already familiar with a wide range of low-sugar alternatives to their favourite treats, such as Coca Cola Zero, Nestlé claims that the human tongue will not perceive any difference in sweetness.

The food giant would begin to use the breakthrough faster-dissolving sugar across a range of confectionary products from 2018, if all goes to plan.

It is difficult to clarify how much sugar is in most chocolate bars, but on average in milk chocolate it can make up to 50% of the nutritional value. For example, a 100g KitKat bar contains 49g of sugar.

Talking to the BBC, food technology consultant Professor Julian Cooper, said: “This [discovery] is good science. A lot of people have been looking at sugar trying to reduce the amount.”

Although Professor Cooper also warned about the potential for the ‘sugar halo’ effect where consumers go on to eat more of the product because they believe it has been made better for them.

NHS guidelines state that the recommended daily adult intake of sugar is 90g, and are encouraging Brits to eat less sugar as it is increasingly contributing to the obesity crisis.