sugar tax

The so-called 'sugar tax' is said to have taken 90m kilos of sugar out of the nation’s diet.
'The prices of cigarettes have gone up since I can remember, because my dad smokes, and it hasn't stopped him from smoking.'
'British kids have been let down by the current childhood obesity strategy.'
The soft drinks levy has come into effect today.
From jobs will be lost to tax won't reduce consumption.
"It is up to families, not authorities, to change our habits."
The Government pitched their Childhood Obesity Plan as the start of the conversation. The stronger elements of the plan are progressing well, but these alone are not enough. We now desperately need to return to that conversation to give us the best chance of protecting our children's future health not just over the next 52 weeks, but for every week beyond that.
We may be picking nothing but an ineffective scapegoat when it comes to health in SA.
We are calling on the new Government to be the one that finally turns the tide of childhood obesity. We are certain that it can be done with bold and decisive action. Ultimately politics is about creating a better future for our children. But we need them to be healthy enough to enjoy it.