New Year 2017 Pictures That Show People Happy, Sensibly-Dressed And Not Fighting

The 'carnage' of texting, eating a takeaway and dancing the ceilidh.
<strong>A group of friends pose for a picture on the Albert Embankment in central London while attending the New Year celebrations.</strong>
A group of friends pose for a picture on the Albert Embankment in central London while attending the New Year celebrations.
Ben Stevens/PA Wire

Pictures littered newspapers on New Year’s Day laying bare the “wild night of celebrations and booze-fuelled mayhem” on the streets of Britain that marked the end of 2016.

And the drunken milieu they created prompted a bout of moralising from one prominent columnist.

Under the headline “Pictures that make me weep for today’s young women”, Daily Mail writer Sarah Vine essayed what she seems to view as the end of civilisation.

The writer described a “bunch of alcohol-sodden, helpless and hapless wrecks, so out of it they appear barely able to control their bodily functions”, and reserved her most stringing rebuke for the sistehood. She mused:

“Getting ‘wasted’ is a badge of honour among today’s generation of ladettes,

“And just like so-called ‘slut-shaming’ (criticising a woman for being promiscuous), judging a woman for being drunk to the point of incontinence is not the done thing any more.

“These girls have grown up in a post-feminist society that tells them anything a man can do, they can do better.”

Instead, let’s focus on the unremarkable pictures of New Year celebrations that are familiar to millions and speak of a nation most worried about getting a cab home.

Here are selection of largely covered-up revellers who aren’t vomitting or fighting on the streets of Britain.

Warning: includes picture of a man wearing a traffic cone on his head.

Wearing tartan hats, Edinburgh
Russell Cheyne / Reuters
Laughing with coppers, London
Neil Hall / Reuters
In fancy dress, Bristol
Ben Birchall/PA Wire
Wearing onesies, London
Ben Stevens/PA Wire
Sitting down, Edinburgh
DMC / Splash News
Doing the traffic cone embrace, London
Ben Stevens/PA Wire
Pointing, London
Ben Stevens/PA Wire
Dancing the ceilidh, Edinburgh
Andrew Milligan/PA Wire
Hugging, Edinburgh
Russell Cheyne / Reuters
Eating a takeaway, Bristol
Ben Birchall/PA Wire
Texting, London
Rick Findler/PA Wire
Walking around, Bristol
Ben Birchall/PA Wire
Helping a friend, Brmingham
Watching fireworks, London
Rick Findler/PA Wire
Dressed as a banana, Edinburgh
Russell Cheyne / Reuters
Dancing, Nottingham
Tom Maddick
Taking selfies, London
Rick Findler/PA Wire