sarah vine

The prime minister is under pressure to explain how the refurb of his Downing Street flat was paid for.
Thousands of teenagers will strike to declare a "state of climate emergency".
Sarah Vine has alleged that she too has been “groped” in No.10 after a top TV producer claimed she was touched inappropriately
Instead of complaining about the insidious nature of digitised life, the media needs to learn how better to utilise it and connect with youth. For instance, as a newspaper addict I consume most national publications every day and can count on one hand the number of serious commentators under the age of 40.
This is the 'hidden' agenda that lies behind the race to knock Carnival off the streets on which it was born and into some soulless central London park. Another nail in the coffin for the capital city's rich tapestry of working class and immigrant-led heritage. Let them eat plantains, just not on my newly-painted doorstep.
The 'carnage' of texting, eating a takeaway and dancing the ceilidh.