New York Post Dallas Front Page Calls Shootings 'Civil War' Prompting Claims Of 'Shameful' Journalism

'Is this even real?'

An American newspaper has been criticised for branding the Dallas police shootings a ‘civil war’ while no motives for the killing of five policemen has yet been established.

Officers were still trying to bring the situation under control when The New York Post published its front page reading “CIVIL WAR”.

It was accused of “pouring gasoline on the flames” of the killings and “responsibility” for the headline, which came out as police were still exchanging fire with one of the suspects in a parking garage.

<strong>The New York Post's Friday front page.</strong>
The New York Post's Friday front page.
New York Post

Five police officers died in ‘sniper-style’ shootings and five more were injured in the attacks at a Black Lives Matter rally, protesting police brutality in the Texan city.

Critics called the Post’s cover “shameful” and accused it of “rousing hatred” by encouraging division.

“Delete your newspaper” tweeted NBA writer Aaron Bruski, while some even accused the paper of “race baiting”. One asked “Is this even real?”

Others calimed the paper’s description of the protest as “anti police” was incorrect, pointing out the demonstration was against police brutality rather than officers generally.

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