07/06/2017 14:58 BST | Updated 07/06/2017 14:58 BST

New Yorkers Found An Excellent Workaround For The Subway Dog Ban

Bravo NYC 👏 😂

When the people of New York were told they couldn’t take their dogs on the subway unless they were contained in bags, owners of large dogs weren’t too happy about it.

It wasn’t long until they found a workaround for the problem though...

Bigger bags. 

On 7 June, Twitter user @meanboysclub shared four photos of dogs spotted on the subway. 

He wrote: “The New York City Subway banned dogs unless they fit in a bag and the people of New York did not disappoint.” 

The hilarious tweet was shared more than 112,000 times. 

The rule was implemented by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA).

According to The Herald, MTA stated: “No person may bring any animal on or into any conveyance or facility unless enclosed in a container and carried in a manner which would not annoy other passengers.”

The people of New York weren’t going to let that come between some quality time with their dogs though. So, naturally, they started transporting their canines in rucksacks, baby carriers, IKEA bags and holdalls - regardless of their size.

10/10 for effort.