12/01/2017 12:31 GMT

Newsreader Amber Sherlock Throws Awkward Strop Over Outfit Clash

Her guest's face says it all.

It’s a little bit awkward when you turn up to work wearing the same outfit as someone else but one newsreader went all-out in an awkward strop caught on camera.

Australia’s Channel Nine presenter Amber Sherlock was less than impressed when colleague Julie Snook and guest, psychologist Sandy Rea, both turned up also wearing white.

When Sherlock let rip at her co-worker, Rea suggested she could try to find something to cover up with.

But the newsreader said: “You’re fine Sandy but there can’t be three of us. And I made this clear two and a half hours ago.”

Snook replied: “Amber, if it’s an issue I can get on out of here.”

Guest Sandy Rea's face said it all (right)

Scrolling through her phone and clearly irritated, Sherlock fired back: “It is an issue. Go and grab a jacket.”

Poor Rea looked on awkwardly as the pair continued their passive-aggressive exchange.

The toe-curling clip caught the attention of BBC Sport presenter Karthi Gnanasegaram, who tweeted that she had a similar wardrobe experience with colleague Mishal Husain - it doesn’t sound like either of them threw a strop though...