18/03/2017 17:48 GMT | Updated 18/03/2017 17:53 GMT

Nicola Sturgeon Urges People Across The UK To Move To Scotland To Escape Theresa May's Brexit

'Come and join us'.

Nicola Sturgeon has called upon people across the UK to move to Scotland ahead of Brexit in a blistering speech against Westminster’s handling of Britain’s exit from the EU.

The Scottish First Minister told the SNP party conference that an independent Scotland would welcome people from across the home nations - especially those “appalled” at Theresa May’s Brexit plan.

Jeff J Mitchell via Getty Images
Nicola Sturgeon issued the open call during a speech at SNP Spring Conference on Saturday

Sturgeon said: “Scotland isn’t full up. If you are as appalled as we are at the path this Westminster government is taking, come and join us.

“Come here to live, work, invest or study. Come to Scotland and be part of building a modern, progressive, outward-looking, compassionate country.”

Watch the clip, above.

It came as Sturgeon laid out how she believes Theresa May’s refusal to hold a second Scottish independence referendum will “shatter beyond repair” the UK’s constitutional structure.

The First Minister said she will press on with plans to hold a new vote and revealed in a speech to the SNP Spring Conference on Saturday that she expects to get approval from the devolved parliament next Wednesday.

A vote would need to be signed off by London to be legally binding. Sturgeon is seeking to do so once the terms for Brexit are clear but before Britain leaves the EU. 

Meanwhile former Labour leader Gordon Brown revealed his own masterplan for allowing Scotland to gain additional powers - while remaining within the United Kingdom.