Nicolas Cage Is Pictured In Kazakhstan And The Internet Cannot Cope With His Expression

Some 10/10 Photoshop.

‘Nicolas Cage is in Kazakhstan’ might not sound like the most promising of introductions, but the picture associated with his visit was an instant meme.

In other news, Nicolas Cage is in Kazakhstan.

— Fabrice Deprez (@fabrice_deprez) July 23, 2017

According to the New York Daily News, the star of Con Air, Face/Off and National Treasure was pictured next to Kazakhstan’s First Lady, Sara Nazarbayeva, as he attended the 13th Eurasia International Film Festival in the capital city of Astana.

It was less the traditional Kazakhstan dress that caught people’s attention, and more the Hollywood actor staring into the middle-distance with a ruminative air.

He’s not the only legend of the silver screen to be drawn east ...

Last year, Steven Seagal was the guest of honour at the second World Nomad Games, an event designed to celebrate the nomadic heritage of Central Asian nations, which was held in Kyrgyzstan.

Clad in the armour of an ancient Kyrgyz warrior, here’s how he entered the arena ...

Viktor Drachev via Getty Images

Twitter, meanwhile, was trying to figure out that expression ...

Or what he was really doing there ...

Ah, but it’s the photoshops. It’s the photoshops that do it ....

Nicholas Cage in Kazakhstan in our traditional attire lmao

— Adil4Real (@adil_4_real) July 23, 2017

I thought I'd already seen enough of #NicholasCage in #Kazakhstan but then one genius made this. #NicholasBi

— Paolo Sorbello (@PaoloBottleneck) July 23, 2017

I don't know why I did this. Because I can I suppose.

— Mark (@MarkyLott) July 23, 2017

Cage, Trump, Pope.

— Mark (@MarkyLott) July 23, 2017

— Wade (@wade_burrell) July 23, 2017

Please tell me he's there to film the ultimate action movie/ buddy-comedy:

— Josh Thompson (@jdthmpsn) July 23, 2017

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