Best Memes From The G-20 As Donald Trump Posts Bombastic Review

Awkward handshakes, eye-rolls, mansplaining ...

Donald Trump has returned from his trip to Europe for the G-20 summit in Hamburg, and swiftly tweeted a soft focus video featuring a series of his ‘grip and grin’ pictures with fellow world leaders during his three-day jaunt.

The clip, a kind of visual essay of his overseas adventure, is set to the strains of a chorus singing ‘Make America Great Again’ in the bombastic fashion imaginable.

It’s quite an interpretation and may jar with how many others review how the summit went. While the internet meme is perhaps just a reliable, but it is a lot more amusing. So here’s some of the best from what is proving to be a golden age for online tomfoolery including - but not limited to - the US President’s best moments.

Angela Merkel holds her head in her heads, Trump offers counsel.

The Merkel eye-roll at Putin.

That Putin-Trump meeting ...

... and the G-20 in a parallel universe.

That Trump-Merkel handshake.